Young at Heart

Young at Heart is an active, fun group of retirees over the age of 55.
On the 3rd Thursday each month, FBCG Young at Heart members serve lunch at Stowe mission. Chuck Kruger and Tom Powell shop on Wednesday. The church considers this a mission program and provides everything for the meal.
We meet the 4th Thursday of each month, do a variety of activities and have a good time of fellowship. The time may vary depending on the activity, but generally we start around 11:15 am.

February 2020

January 2020

01/30/20 Young at Heart Lunch and birthday party at the Longhorn Stakehouse.

June 2019

So far in June – Young at Heart members visited with Bertie Johnson and Jean McCullough. Both ladies are well. Shirley, Joy, Bunny and Cheryl prepared a tea for Ms Bert at her home. She enjoyed the company and looks forward to the next visit!
Ms Jean is at The Ashford on Broad street but hoping to be back home soon. She gets to visit for two days beginning June 19 as a trial. Bunny, Sharon Hildreth and Cheryl visited with a fried chicken lunch.
Addresses for both ladies are in the directory or can be provided by email or text.

May 2019

In May, Young at Heart members visited with Dick Helton. We found Dick in great spirits and shared a good meal with him and family. Dick shared with us special memories of his time in the military including a recent letter from an old friend. That letter included a letter Dick had mailed to him from Japan detailing his time there. What a treat to read Dicks own words from 70 years ago! Thank you Dick for your service! (We recently visited with Bertie Johnson and have planned a visit with Ms Jean for next week.)