Young at Heart

Young at Heart is an active, fun group of retirees over the age of 55.

We meet the fourth Thursday of each month, do a variety of activities and have a good time of fellowship. The time may vary depending on the activity, but generally we start around 11 or 11:30 am.


A trip to the Amish Country of Ohio 08/24/17.

On the 3rd Thursday each month, FBCG Young at Heart members serve lunch at Stowe mission. Chuck Kruger and Tom Powell shop on Wednesday. The church considers this a mission program and provides everything for the meal.  
Chuck and Tom meet at Skyline Chili for lunch then go to the church and prepare beef stew to serve close to 250 meals. The church furnishes salad, crackers, cookies and drinks to compliment the beef stew. We also provide all flatware, cups, and dishes.
At 9:20 on Thursday morning we meet at the church, load the car, and car pool to Stowe Mission on Parsons Avenue (just south of Children's Hospital). After arriving at Stowe, we prepare the food, cut the bread, and get ready to serve. Once we have sampled the feast, we fellowship and show gods love with less fortunate members of the community Today we served 249 meals.
If you are retired, a senior, or a younger Christian and want to get in on the fun, fellowship, and service see Chuck or Tom. You would not believe how rewarding it is to partake in this activity.
  • Joy, Shirley, and Cheryl preparing the salad
  • Barb, Tom, and Chuck preparing the beef stew
  • Bob getting the drinks ready.